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Job Opportunity: Brewing Technician

Summary: This is an hourly position for a hard-working Brewing Technician. Brewing Techs perform a range of important tasks in the brewery, including: assisting with brewing, cleaning, sanitizing, packaging (kegs, bottles, growlers), ingredient and spent grain management, and daily record-keeping. Assisting with special projects (pilot batches, barrel-aging) is also possible. Those with a mechanical aptitude may also perform preventative maintenance and light repairs in the brewery.

Ploughshare Brewing Co. (PBC) is a production brewery built around a 15-bbl 3-vessel brewhouse. We brew by multistep infusion, decoction, cereal mash, and kettle souring methods. We distribute draught beer in two markets in Eastern Nebraska and are currently adding a bottling line. Our Taproom showcases our beers with 12 beer faucets, local food, and a conversational atmosphere.

Qualifications: The ideal Brewing Technician candidate will possess the following qualifications: • Minimum age of 21 years – beer tasting and sensory evaluation are essential job functions; • Brewery operations experience of 1-4 years; candidates with less than 1 year of experience will be considered if they possess relevant, transferable skills; • Willingness to work for four-hour periods without access to your mobile device; • Physical condition and stamina for hard work, including: standing for 8-12 hours; repeated stooping, crouching, kneeling, crawling, climbing; ascending, descending ladders and stairs; maneuvering kegs weighing 165 pounds; working in hot and cold environments; close and distance vision; • Eagerness to manage time and resources, get the job done safely and correctly, take direction, support coworkers, cross-train, develop professionally, and positively promote the company, our products, values, and identity; • Exceptional care in production sanitation and constant consideration of coworker and customer safety; • Any of the following currently valid certificates are a plus: 3-yr Forklift Operations Certificate,  Lincoln/Lancaster Responsible Beverage Service Training certificate.

This is an hourly position greater than 30 hours/week. Shifts will vary and may occasionally include weekends, evenings, or holidays. Base wage is dependent on qualifications. This position has potential for advancement to Assistant Brewer, Cellarman/Cellarwoman, or Packaging Lead. Short-listed applicants may be subject to drug screening, criminal background check, and references. Applications will be maintained in confidence to the extent possible. Ploughshare Brewing Co. is an equal opportunity employer and encourages fit, hard-working individuals of all stripes to explore this challenging and rewarding opportunity in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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How to Apply: Apply only by email to, as follows: send .pdfs of your current résumé and a cover letter referencing the Brewing Technician position addressed to Monica Monteros, Ploughshare Brewing Co., LLC, 1630 P. St., Lincoln, NE 68508. We will promptly verify receipt.

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